Dorsal view of 24 hour old zebrafish embryo in which developing neural crest cells are fluorescently labeled (white cells)

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Journal articles (since joining WashU)

  1. Kramer ET*, Godoy PM*, and Kaufman CK. Cross-species analysis reveals unique and shared roles of Sox9 and Sox10 (SOXE family) transcription factors in melanoma. bioRxiv 2022, 2022.12.05.519210
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  10. Grigura V, Barbier M, Zarov AP, and Kaufman CK. Feeding amount significantly alters overt tumor onset rate in a zebrafish melanoma model. Biol Open. 2018 Jan 23; 7:bio030726. PMID 29362277.

Journal articles (including work from postdoc)

  1. He S, Zimmerman M, Layden HM, Berezovskaya A, Etchin J, Martel MW, Thurston G, Jing C-B, van Rooijen E, Kaufman CK, Rodig SJ, Zon LI, Patton L, Mansour M, and Look AT. Synergistic melanoma cell death mediated by inhibition of both MCL1 and BCL2 in high-risk tumors driven by NF1/PTEN loss. Oncogene, Accepted, June 2021.
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Book chapters

  1. Kaufman, CK. “Zebrafish Melanoma.” In David Langenau (ed.), Cancer and Zebrafish: Mechanisms, Techniques, and Models. Springer. 2016; 916:439-50. PMID 27165365